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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got a question? We may have answered it already. If your query is not addressed below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Some of our guests book their Leopard Waters stay through rental agencies, in which case that agency’s payment terms and conditions apply. If you booked directly through us, please make full payment 30 days prior to collecting the keys for your stay.

    • 30 to 20 days prior to arrival, forfeit 50% of total rental, plus bank charges
    • 20 to 15 days prior to arrival, forfeit 75% of total rental, plus bank charges
    • Less than 15 days prior to arrival, forfeit 100% of total rental, plus bank charges.


    Let’s be honest. It’s unlikely that you’ll cut your stay at Leopard Waters short. However, in the case of your early departure, please be aware that we’re not able to offer a refund.

    Leopard Waters was designed with the intention to create a tranquil and comfortable stay for 2 adults. Any additional guests over this number would just ruin the magic. No friends or visitors may overnight with our guests at Leopard Waters. We’d appreciate it if you respected our policy. Bookings acting in contravention of this policy may be cancelled without refund.

    We love animals – whether they’re furry, feathered, scaly, slippery, or slimy. However, we have a strict no-pets policy at Leopard Waters. Many wild birds have free range on our property, including the Cape Francolin and Cape Sugarbird. Since the birds were there first, we’ve opted to take responsibility for their safety with a no-pets policy. We’d appreciate it if you respected this. 

    If you booked your Leopard Waters stay through rental agencies, check-in times are as agreed with that agency. If booked directly through us, check-in can be arranged from 14:00 onwards. We are more than happy to accommodate an earlier arrival and a late departure time if the apartment’s bookings allow this.

    Absolutely! Park your vehicle in front of the left hand garage door. It is perfectly safe to park your vehicle outdoors in Struisbaai. The Leopard Waters parking area is hidden from the street. Please remember to lock your car and ensure that no items that would attract a thief’s attention are left in full view through a window. Please do not park on the access road as this inconveniences our neighbours. 

    The apartment is a self-catering facility and is, as such, not serviced. We will, however, provide you with clean linen after every 7 days and clean towels for use in the apartment after every 2 days. Please dispose of your refuse daily by throwing the refuse bags into the large black wheelie bin located in the back garden below the bedroom window.

    Struisbaai is a very safe place and we are proud of this! However, to ensure you have a relaxing stay, we have installed an alarm system. There are outside lights allowing you to light your way when you choose to go out at night or return after dark.

    We do, however, ask you to look after yourselves and your property while you are here. There is a list of local emergency contact numbers available for guests in the Welcome Book.